Rock from a TUFF Recycling Inc. Truck cracked my windshield & they are not paying for it

On Friday June 3rd at 9:27AM, I’m driving North on 427 highway in Toronto, Ontario,  a big green recycling truck with Initials TUFF spat out a piece of rock, it hit my windshield & shattered it.  Later, I found out the truck is belong to Tuff Recycling Inc. a recycling company based in Brampton Ontario. I found their Telephone # and called them and asked them to pay for my insurance deductible. The response I’ve got from them was that I have no way of proving the rock came from the TUFF truck, therefore they have no liabilities for the damages to my windshield.

I completely disagree with their position & I think it is irresponsible & careless of them to jeopardize public and commuters safety on such busy highways by not properly shielding their loads. I think they should be held responsible for my damages….