LOUIS SAPIAcross a global platform, our professionals assist Canadian, U.S. and multinational clients respond to allegations involving the propriety of accounting and financial reporting, fraud, regulatory scrutiny and anti-corruption inquiries.

In an increasingly complex business landscape, complicated questions can arise. There is, however, a big difference between suspicion and facts. Finding the truth quickly is imperative. Gathering evidence that withstands scrutiny is essential. We react quickly and confidentially to safeguard assets and reputation, resolve matters with minimum disruption to the business and mitigate recurrences by recommending effective controls.

Because Louis Sapi has years of experience handling intricate, complicated financial audits, he is the best CPA in Toronto and Mississauga to handle such matters and bring them to positive closure. Louis will respond to these situations with a full investigative staff if needed to ensure the best possible result for his client.

Our forensic accounting and investigative professionals have the skills and experience to resolve high-stakes issues from the board room to the courtroom. Our team provides analytical and investigative services to major law firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, governmental entities, private equity firms, venture capital funds and corporate counsel and executive management.

Louis Sapi can assist with complex accounting and reporting issues that arise from situations occurring outside the normal course of business, including:

  • Fraud and complex financial investigations
  • Audit and special committee investigations
  • Financial statement misstatements, inadequate disclosure and restatements
  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Regulatory inquiries
  • Independent internal controls and fraud risk assessment
  • Compliance and transaction risk assessments
  • Ponzi schemes, embezzlement and kickbacks
  • Receiver, trustee and independent monitor-ship services
  • Technical accounting services
  • Assistance with auditors
  • Accountant liability

To minimize the chances of recurrence, our risk specialists develop and implement fraud prevention measures that protect businesses against the threat of economic crime. Our team has considerable experience of providing evidence in civil courts, arbitrations, criminal courts and regulatory investigations.

Our dispute resolution team helps to quantify loss or financial exposure across a variety of industry sectors and jurisdictions. If you feel that your company is, or has been, a victim of financial fraud and you need a certified forensic accountant or CFE, or if you’d like to fraud-proof your business and implement proven safeguards, contact us today (905)-678-2740