Dear friends,

I am writing today to introduce to you a brand new event entitled “Tour de Headwaters”, being planned for September 19th, 2015. I am proud & very excited to be on the board of this inaugural fundraising ride benefitting Headwaters Health Centre.

Local friends and leaders have stepped up to the plate to help and many have shared some personal stories that connect them to Headwaters Health Care Centre, the excellent care they or a loved one have received, and the enthusiasm they have for a facility of this quality that exists in our backyard!

Below is a brief background on the focus of the $16 million Commitment to Care Campaign and the fundraising focus of the hospital.

In the 17 years since the first patient walked through our doors, we have seen huge increases in the number of people turning to our hospital for their care.

Last year alone we performed 4,373 day surgeries, completed 1,018 chemotherapy treatments and had 2,588 dialysis visits!  Thanks to advances in technology we are treating more patients in an out-patient setting, and this is where the dramatic changes will take place.

The plans for our new addition include an expanded Chemotherapy department with an on-site Pharmacy, a procedures room, expanded Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic clinics as well as an expanded Medicine program that will further increase our patients’ access to specialists including dermatology, mental health and Tele-homecare.

This five year campaign is in its 4th year and over $14 million has already been raised. Our plan is that Tour de Headwaters will introduce a whole new audience to the hospital and help the foundation reach its goal.

For donations & registrations:

Yours very truly,
Louis Sapi, MBA, CA, CPA

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