Proposed Changes to the taxation of Private Corporations

My Letter to Honourable Justin Trudeau & Honourable Bill Morneau

Re: Proposed Changes to the taxation of Private Corporations

The Department of Finance’s release of the document “Tax Planning for Private Corporation” for consultation and comment in July 2017 has resulted in significant and justified outrage from Canadian professionals and small business owners. I am writing this letter to address your concept of “fairness”, since you have used this term to justify this latest attack on the entrepreneurial middle class.  It appears that you have taken a very narrow and misleading position when using the term “fairness” in order to sell your proposed changes to that portion of the general electorate that is not familiar with the economic reality facing small businesses and professionals.   

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Yours Truly,

Louis J. Sapi CPA-CA, MBA




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Great NP article on Friday Aug. 26, 2016 by Terence Corcoran

Great NP  article on Friday Aug. 26, 2016 by Terence Corcoran:  Prosperous growth is the next foundational phase for Canada’s national economic renewal.  I  agree that Canada needs to coordinate the various “National Strategy” programs being developed in isolation across Canada.  As Corcoran states,   Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, believes the world is now fully into the Fourth Industrial Revolution .  It is occurring at an exponential rate, disrupting almost every industry in every country: artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, energy storage, quantum computing.  We need to coordinate and start managing our economy like any prudent business.

Thank you for Attending Charger Foundation 9 & Play- 2016

Dear Friends:

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your participation in the 12th annual Charger Foundation Charitable Golf Tournament held on Friday June 24th at bond Head Golf Club. This year we partnered with 33 Seven to create a unique and popular “9 hole and poker” event.

We successfully raised $26,000 for the Canadian Center for Men and Families programs which are providing for those in need of mental health, fathering, legal services and support for men and families that have experienced divorce, violence and abuse.

As importantly, we were able to introduce people who are prepared to help CAFÉ in many other ways.

Special thanks to our sponsors and those volunteers that made this a special day. It is my pleasure and honour to thank you for your generous efforts & making the event a tremendous success. click for a short video

Louis J. Sapi


Province announces it is cutting Red Tape

Interesting play on words.  Upon review of the 2016 report, the ‘initiatives’ are mostly about speeding up processes through the use of the Internet, computerized forms, or e-filing. This does not reduce red tape!  The government has not addressed the core of the issue;  what regulations could and should be cut to REDUCE red tape.  It appears the public is once again subject to Liberal double talk.


Yesterday I completed another item on my Bucket list!

Yesterday , I’ve visited Juno Beach in Normandy to honor our courageous Canadian soldiers and our country’s tremendous role in liberating Europe. I was pleasantly surprised & honored ‎to experience  the love and respect the people of Normandy have for Canadians where many homes fly the Canadian and French flags side by side to remind new generation what Canada & Canadians did for them.

Rock from a TUFF Recycling Inc. Truck cracked my windshield & they are not paying for it


On Friday June 3rd at 9:27AM, I’m driving North on 427 highway in Toronto, Ontario,  a big green recycling truck with Initials TUFF spat out a piece of rock, it hit my windshield & shattered it.  Later, I found out the truck is belong to Tuff Recycling Inc. a recycling company based in Brampton Ontario. I found their Telephone # and called them and asked them to pay for my insurance deductible. The response I’ve got from them was that I have no way of proving the rock came from the TUFF truck, therefore they have no liabilities for the damages to my windshield.

I completely disagree with their position & I think it is irresponsible & careless of them to jeopardize public and commuters safety on such busy highways by not properly shielding their loads. I think they should be held responsible for my damages….